User Satisfaction Survey Results

The library conducted a user survey late last year in order to learn more about how we can better serve our community. Paper surveys were mailed to all households in the town of Brunswick, links to the survey were  distributed through our monthly emailed newsletter, and surveys were available at the library.

The survey was brief, and asked basic questions about what collections and programs were of interest, or not, to our community. Click on the images below to enlarge them–the results below show the first 100 responses–we received a few more, these reflect the percentages of the totals. The five images show the multiple choice question and answers. We also asked an open ended question, “What additional library services and programs would you like to see?” The suggestions we received were many, and will be given more attention in another post.

Thanks to all the folks who responded–your input is valuable. The library board used the survey results to develop a Long Range Plan for the library.