eBooks for Children

E-books for Young Readers

The library offers e-books for children!

Through TumbleBook Library, we offer an online collection of children’s e-books usable from any computer with an internet connection – from your home, our library, or on a tablet or smartphone.

These books for beginning readers have added animation, sounds, music, and narration. Games and activities are included with some stories. They can also be viewed in French or Spanish.

E-book experiences are best for children when:


–         You and your child explore the e-book together

–         You ask your child about what is going on in the book. Learning happens around conversation you have with your child about the book. “What color is the cat?”  “Why do butterflies migrate?”

–         E-books are supplemented with print books for a different sensory experience

To try out an e-book with your child, go to